Sure-Clip Meteor
Pet Dog Clipper

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Product Description:

Product size (mm) - 220*50*50
Connecting Voltage - AC 230-240V
Power 35W
Vibration 2500rpm
N.G (Kg) 0.6
Plastic box size (cm) 25*21*7
4xGrooming combs -
(3mm) (6mm) (9mm) (12mm)
2x Blades -(1mm) (1.6mm)
Transmission Oil (1 bottle ),
Manual  In English
uk plug 3metre cable

The two Blades that come with the pet clippers will leave a Length of Hair of = 1mm  or  1.6mm

We sell 3 other types of Dog clipper blades:
3F = Length of Hair left = 13mm
5F = Length of Hair left = 6.3mm
7F = Length of Hair left = 3.2mm

Product code: kxp-816

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